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Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 39

This was the first week I attended the YSA, young single adult branch. They were not there a week ago Sunday because of a trip they went on. It is a very small branch right now and not many people come. Sunday was fast and testimony meeting because it was the first Sunday of the month. For the most part, it was dead silent so it was a really good time to ponder. What came to mind was a line from "How Firm a Foundation": "Fear not, I am with thee". We as humans are naturally afraid of some things. When we are doing the Lord's will and His work, we shouldn't fear because we are doing what is asked of us.

We are working mostly with less-active members of the church right now. It is fun because most of them still know that the church is true and we are just helping them come back into the fold. We are helping the Good Shepherd bring the lost sheep back into the fold.

I like the area and the people. There have only been two or three days that we have not had a meal appointment in the last week and half since I have been here. In my experience, this has been unusual so far.

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