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Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 40

So I have good news, and I have bad news. Bad news, my hand swelled to a balloon, the good news is that it is back to normal. We don't know what happen, but we think that something bit me. I probably had a mild allergic reaction that was thankfully kept to the hand, so I didn't have to go to a doctor.

Elder Bjerregaard's "balloon hand"

 I participated in my first reactivation this past week. Elder Harl started to work with the sister last transfer (June 9th – July 21st ), and she seems to be in it for the long haul. She wants to go the temple, so we are now working with her on that goal.

So far I really like Pitman, then again everybody likes Pitman, so says the Pitman water tower. I think I have been blessed so far because I have liked all my areas even though they are different from one another. I hope this trend keeps going because it would be bad if I get to an area that I don't like.

Elder Bjerregaard


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