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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Week 80

It is the end of another transfer here in the mission. The big change for me with this one is that the sisters that started their missions at the same time as me will be going home tomorrow (May 17). From now on until I go home, I will be out longer than the sisters now going home. It is just a sign that my mission is getting close to the end, but I still have four more transfers and I am planning on working hard until my stake president tells me that I am released, and that I am no longer a full-time missionary. The second change for this coming transfer is that Elder Crowther and is getting transferred and I am going to stay in Cambridge, so I will be getting another companion to serve with for at least the next five weeks.

Another change that is happening in the mission is President Anderson is going to set up another zone. A zone is larger than a district and the largest division within a mission. It is going to be north of Reading. At the very least it’s going to include Potstown, Hazelton, and Lehighton.

The weather finally broke this week, and we have sunshine again. It seems like everyday for the past three weeks it was totally overcast. For a while I was beginning to believe that I was really called to the Washington Seattle Mission instead of the Pennsylvania Philadelphia Mission. I feel like we got more rain during those three weeks that I would normally get in a year back in Wickenburg. Personally I hope that the weather is going to stay like this, but the way the weather has been for the past six months, I am not really sure what will happen.

Elder Bjerregaard

The District (The Sisters in the truck are going home 5/17)

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