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Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 79

Sunday was my last time to call home while on my mission. I feel like I am on my "final" stretch now because from here it is a tight shot until October. The only major event left is General Conference in the beginning of October. I am sure that my family is not so secretly counting down the days until I get off the plane at Sky Harbor to be with them again. (Mom here ~ Yep, we are sure counting down the time. There are 169 days left!!)

From what my Grandma told me, the stake president over the Wilmington Stake will be the first temple president for the Philadelphia Temple. I served in Wilmington from April to July of last year. I remember seeing him a few times. It is interesting to see how things progress as the temple dedication gets closer. I would like to know what role I will have in the dedication, but I will probably not find out until the new mission president gets here (he begins on July 1st) and makes a decision on the matter.

For the better part of the time, it has been cloudy or raining for the past couple of weeks, and the forecast says that it might stay cloudy for this week as well. I am starting to wonder if I am in Cambridge or somewhere on the west coast of Washington (rain forest) with the weather we been having. It been nice that it has been cooler than it has been though.

I hope everyone is having a lovely time and hope you are getting ready for summer. For me personally I hope it is not going to be a hot one because I will be the one that will be out in it everyday. I cannot stay inside like “normal” people with A/C.

Elder Bjerregaard

Dover Zone

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