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Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 67

It has been a cold couple of days. From what I could tell, a polar cold front came through bringing a lot of wind. In the early morning or after the sun went down, the windchill was below zero, and when the sun was help it didn't want to give us its warmth like it normally does on a clear day. It’s probably going to be the coldest weekend of this winter, but we have to wait and see.

It turns out that I am only going to spend one transfer (six weeks) in Woodstown. Saturday night we got the call telling me that I am being transferred and got a call this morning saying that I am going to be transferred to Cambridge, Maryland. If you don't include that little bit of New York, I am going to be serving in every state that the Pennsylvania Philadelphia Mission covers. The only I haven’t been to is the little piece in New York and that is a Sister area. It’s probably going to stay a sister area because the Priesthood Restoration Site is in that area. I don't know why I move around so much. The average amount of time for missionaries in one area in this mission is three to four transfers, but I am averaging about two. I like to think that I have people throughout the mission that I need to personally touch. They live all over the mission, so I need to be moved often so I can get to all of them.

We had a less active member come to church yesterday. I stopped by a couple of weeks ago and just talked to him on his doorstep for a few minutes. Then I just forgot about it. It must have been the push he needed because he said that he is planning on coming next week and stay for the whole three hour block. Who knows, he might have been the one person that I needed to touch here. Now that he has decided to come back to church, I am now needed somewhere else.

Elder Bjerregaard 

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