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Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 65

I can't believe that January is already over. It seems like we just welcomed in the New Year and the first month is already over and we are into February.

It has been warm this past week. Every day it seems that the highs have been above freezing, so the snow we got the week before is melting quickly. Last night the forecast said that it was not going to get below freezing. When I looked out a window this morning, almost all the snow that was not piled is melted. The piled snow might be gone by the end of the week. I am surprised how quickly the snow is melting based on how slowly it melted when I was in Reading. So far, it seems like it will be a milder winter then last year. We will have to see what February and March brings. Last year it seemed like they were the coldest months.

We had an interesting lesson with someone that missionaries have been trying to meet with for months. They were having trouble because before the end of November there were sister missionaries here. They could not meet with him because there was never a woman there, and he didn't like setting up appointments. When we were inviting him the read the Book of Mormon and to pray to know that the Church is true, he got offended because he said that we couldn't say one church was true and another wasn't. To me that just testifies that we are to find and teach the people who will receive us and our message. The message is that the church that Jesus Christ set up on the earth was lost, but it is now restored to the Earth.

Mom here—Michael Tomlin, from his last area that he mentioned in his blog, was baptized January 31st.

Elder Bjerregaard

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