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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Week 50

P-day was shortened yesterday, and we really needed to clean and do some shopping. I didn't have time to email. The reason why p-day was shortened is because my zone is going up to the Priesthood Restoration Site. It was going to replace all of p day but they decided to give us until 2 yesterday to get the most important things done. That did not include emailing because I was able to do that today (Tuesday). Mom here-We are hoping that he will give us some information when he emails us on Monday.

As it turned out, I doubled into another area this time making twice in a row. This time though, I did not stay with Elder Harl. My new companion is Elder Riley, one of my zone leaders when I was in Sewell. Honestly, the first few days it felt like I was just on an extended exchange because he was my zone leader at one point. I am loving my new area so far. It is almost the complete opposite of Center City, PA.

I got transferred to Linwood, NJ where my trainer just served. Mom here--He is referring to Elder Thomas who trained him when he arrived in the field. It turned out that my first baptism was someone who was ready to be baptized the following Sunday. Elder Thomas and Elder Bowman, the elders who were just in Linwood before us, set everything up for us so we just had to be there for the baptismal interview and for the baptism itself. The person who got baptized was Diamond, and he was introduced to the church by his girlfriend. He was investigating on and off for about a year before he got baptized.

The biggest miracle this week happened on Sunday. It was getting late into the evening and we were not having any luck finding people. It was almost an hour or so before we had to get back to the apartment. To give us a spiritual boost and to ask for help, we said a prayer. The very next door we knocked on we met Tom. At first he was not to interested in learning more about the church, but while we were talking we were able to learn about him. We then used the story about the conversion of Alma the Younger to help him understand that the power of the Atonement is within reach for all.

It is strange to think that Julian is going to be leaving in a week or so now. That also means that I am nearly a year out. I really don't know where the time is going.

I hope you all are enjoying the weather because it has been really cold these past couple of days.

Elder Bjerregaard

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