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Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 13


The cars were grounded because we had a forecast that we were going to have a once in a century snow storm that never amounted to much. (It went further east into eastern Long Island and into Boston and was a record breaking storm). President Anderson wanted to make sure everyone was safe but still wanted to make sure that we had time to do what we need to do outside of the residence. He gave us until noon to make sure we time to get stuff done. During the afternoon, I was able to get some things done that I kept on pushing back because there never seemed like there was enough time to get to them.


We went tracting and found someone that might be interested in learning more about the church. A lot of people we talked to heard about the Book of Mormon, but none of them have read it, and they didn't really want to learn more.


I went on exchanges with Elder Leavitt. We had a couple of lessons planned, but one person went into the hospital earlier then he thought he would for a surgery. The other person didn't answer the door when we came by, so I think no one was home because they are usually pretty good at answering the door. We also helped to members with their home teaching. The Reading 1st ward is having the missionaries go out with members to help them for two reasons. One is to help increase the number of families that are visited, and the other is to get them used to being with the missionaries so they are more willing to come with us to a teaching appointment.


Sadly, I can't think of anything interesting that happened.

The District


We had an appointment with Chanel, but no one was home. I felt bad because we had a member with us, and we didn't have any backups. We were talking to someone who lives next door to her outside and it was cold. We also got the transfer call from the zone leaders. Not counting the zone leaders, only three missionaries out of eight are staying, and I'm one of the ones that is staying. The set of sisters that are also in the Reading 1st Ward are being doubled out, and their apartment is being closed. Everyone thinks they are going to combine the two areas and only have one set of missionaries to cover the whole ward.


The sisters went to the temple with their convert, and they said that they really enjoyed it. We had a lesson planned with the person that we met on Tuesday, but she needed to cancel because she had something came up. We went to another person’s house, and she didn't answer the door which was odd because she is normally home.


We spend most of the day going around and getting pictures for Elder Thomas because he is leaving and wanted pictures to remember everyone by.

Elder Bjerregaard

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