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Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 14


We spent most of the day emailing and getting Elder Thomas packed because he was transferred. The sisters who were in our ward were being doubled out and their apartment was being closed (meaning that missionaries are not going to be living there for a while if again). Elder Thomas had to go and inspect it to make sure that they had everything cleaned and that they were mostly ready to move out the next day.


Tuesday was the big transfer meeting. They said that it is one of the biggest transfer meetings for a while. It turns out Elder Weisler from my MTC district is going to be a district leader this transfer. Elder Thomas went to Logan which is north of downtown Philadelphia. My new companion is Elder Bierman. He is also from Arizona, and he been out for six months already. He completely understands that I don't like the cold because he is the same way. We spent most of the day introducing him to investigators that Elder Thomas and I were teaching before the transfer.

With new companion Elder Beirman


I finished introducing Elder Bierman to the people who Elder Thomas and I saw frequently. We went up to Hamburg to try to meet with the recent converts and less actives that the sisters were working with. We also went on a split that night because the sisters made an appointment for that night before they knew that they both were leaving. I went to Donna and started to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I think she understands perfectly what we were teaching her, or she doesn't want to ask any questions. Every time we asked her if she had any questions she said that she didn't.


We didn't have the district meeting on Thursday because they were having the carpet cleaned, and they didn't what anyone else in the church. The assistants to the president said to move district meetings to Friday because most of my district is in training. One of the trainers in the district came out from the MTC with me. She has only been here for three months and she is already training. President Anderson doesn't want weekly planning and district meetings on the same day, so we moved weekly planning to Thursday. We were able to let the spirit work through us to let us know what we should be doing in our area to help bring people into Christ.


Elder Bierman seems to know how to run a good district meeting. It was his first one he did and he didn't have much time to prepare. The Kutztown sisters needed a baptismal interview in Mertztown which is far away so we spent the day after district meeting in Fleetwood. This is because that is the closest we can be and still be inside of our area.


We had a lesson with a person who is hard to get ahold of to make appointments. He says that he is a member, but we cannot find his records anywhere. He also has a nonmember girlfriend who he wants to get married to in the temple. We don't think he knows exactly what he is getting into and what they have to do to be able to do that.


Elder Bierman finally met most of the members from the ward. He doesn't remember most of their names which is understandable because it is a lot of new faces and names. We had another lesson with Scott. It didn't go well because we didn't plan as well as we should have. Right now, he has many health problems and he cannot be alone in case something happens and he needs to be rushed to the hospital. His niece was there but needed to step out because she needed to get some schoolwork from her house. We filled up the time answering any questions that he had. He had some really good questions, like how we know when we get an answer to our prayers. We told him that it could be a feeling he has if he is asking for guidance or people or events in his life might be the answer. In short we can get an answer in multiple ways.

Q & A

What has been your biggest challenge this week?

My biggest challenge for this week (maybe for a while) is that Elder Bierman and I have to cover the whole ward now. This is because we didn't get the same number of missionaries in to replace missionaries that went home. They had to close or merge three areas and they pulled the sister missionaries from this ward.

What has been your biggest concern?

My biggest concern right now is how we are going to cover the whole ward. It is a large ward land wise, and we only have limited miles that we can drive every month. We need to make sure that we budget our miles effectively.

Who has been your favorite person this week? Why?

My favorite person right now is Donna because she is such a sweet person.

How do you feel not having Elder Thomas as a companion?

It is different to have another person as my companion after the same one for three months, but I try to think of change as a good thing.

Elder Bjerregaard

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