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Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 15


I feel like I was able to have a really good P Day. We were able to get everything done that we needed to get done and still have a little bit of free time. However, there was not enough time to go do something interesting. We also went to do some tracting in Leesport, but we didn't stay long. Everyone we talked to told us to go home because the weather was going to get really bad. We decided to play it safe and went to closer to our house. If it did get bad we didn't have to go far.


We went to Shoemakersville to try to find some of the people that the sisters talked to before the two areas were combined. We meet the Wertez family. They like the missionaries and they have an open invitation for the missionaries to come over for dinner if we are ever in the area and hungry.


I went on exchanges with Elder Covington. We went up to Hamburg to do some tracting. I think Elder Covington is a really good missionary for only being in the field for only a week. We went to Donna’s house and taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I think that she took a real liking to Sister Pouge. Donna said that she was going to come to church in two weeks.

(Hamburg, Shoemakersville, and Leesport are in what used to be the sister missionaries’ area. Hamburg, the farthest away, is about 30 minutes north of Reading.)


This was zone training day. We had a lesson with Gerald, and he says he likes and really misses the Sisters (who were transferred out).

Reading Zone


Weekly planning-- what more can I say. We did get it done which is good. We also had another lesson with Gerald and less active member.


We talked to Charlie again. We learned that he is well versed in the Bible, so we need to make sure we talk to him carefully. We don't want say anything that goes against the Bible. We also had a short lesson with Rafael. He wants to go to the temple, so we went over some things he can do now to start preparing to go.


Weather conditions were so bad church almost got cancelled. Bishop Staus didn't think it was bad enough and allowed people to make their own decisions about whether it was safe to come or stay home. In Reading, it felt like -12 degrees with the wind chill.

Elder Bjerregaard

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