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Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 12

Before I recount what happened this week, I will share something I learned. The Savior said that we need to ask, seek, and knock. We can assign three other words faith, work, and desire (following the same order). Before we can begin to grow, we first need to have the desire to know more and to have a clear objective in mind. It can be something about the gospel we want to know more about or want guidance in something that is happening in our lives. Then we need to exercise our faith by asking Heavenly Father for help in reaching our objective in prayer. Then we need to work, meaning that need to do everything in our power to reach the objective. After we believe we achieve our objective, we then need to turn to our Heavenly Father and ask if we reached the correct ending. If we didn't we need to go back and work some more. If we get the confirmation that we did all that we could, and we did reach the right conclusion we need to set a new objective. Using what we learned, start the process all over again with a new objective or goal.


Why does P-Day seem so short? There seems so much that we need to get done, but we never have the time to do it. We tried to talk to some people, but I don't remember being able to talk to anyone.


We started to invite people like crazy to the Family Night we planned for the ward for Saturday. Over the next couple of days, I feel like we handed out around 60 flyers about it to everyone we met on the street. We also found out that Scott was out of rehab and home. We stopped by to see how he was doing, and if he needed any help. We have not been able to see him much, but he does seems to enjoy the time that we are over and talking about the gospel. When the missionaries started to teach him, he said that he would not leave the church that he goes to, but when he gains a testimony that the church is true, I think that he would be more than happy to leave that church.


We handed out a lot more flyers again. We also had a lesson planned for Diana and her family but couldn't stay because Reuben was not there. The plan was for him to be there.


We went to the town of Blandon to invite people. We met with a lot of people. We went on splits, and I was with Brother Robinson. I taught Diana and Tiffany the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I think it went pretty well considering that Brother Robinson doesn't know much about the missionary lessons. Elder Thomas was with another member helping him with his home teaching. Diana and Tiffany passed their first baptismal date, so we set a new date for March 14. I think the main thing that is preventing them from progressing is that we have not been able to get them to church. What makes it hard is that they would need four seats available in a car, and the people who have vehicles that can comfortably hold them normally need the seats to get their families to church.


We had a meeting with Sister Kohrman about the Family Night. We ironed out the final details and figured out what we need to do on Saturday to make sure everything is ready. During the night we got 4-6 inches of snow. One thing I learned is that I don’t like snow!


We had the Family Night that we, the Reading 1st ward missionaries, were planning for about four weeks. We had snow the night before, so we came to the church early to shovel out the church parking lot. We gave up after about two and a half hours, but we did move enough snow that everyone could park and the snow plow was able to get the rest. We spent most of the day setting up for it, and it ended up looking great I think. We didn't have non-members or in-actives from Reading 1st, but other missionaries from the other wards (we invited every ward that shares the same building) had people come. I know that the zone leaders had someone that came who has not stepped into the church for about eight years. We also had the Carr’s from the Philadelphia temple to talk about temples and about the progress of the Philadelphia Temple. (Brother Carr is the LDS Church project manager over the Philadelphia Temple, and Sister Carr is serving as a full-time service missionary.) The church doesn't have a firm date, but it sounds like the temple will be done around July or August of next year.


There's not much to report on. We were not able to talk to anyone so nothing really happened.

Elder Bjerregaard

Reading Zone

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