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Monday, October 24, 2016

week 103

Another week has passed, and boy has it gotten cold quickly again. The first part of last week was high 70's or low 80's, and it quickly cooled to the 50's. It looks like my last week in Pennsylvania is going to be a cold one. At least it still is warm enough that a sweater is all that I need. The weather has been very strange this past year, warm when it supposed to be cold and cold when it is supposed to be warm. Everything seemed like it started at least a month late weather wise.

This past Saturday we had a mission conference where Elder Robbins came to address the mission. Apparently mission conferences don't happen very often, but I had two on my mission. For example, before my first one the previous one happened over ten years before. Elder Robbins spent most of his time discussing the difference between "to do's" and "to be's". He taught us that "to be's" is much more important than "to do's" and our "to do's" should reflect what we have on our "to be's" list. He then taught us that we need to have Christ like attributes on our "to be's" list.

I will be going to the Philadelphia Temple this Wednesday. It is going to be an early morning, but it will still be fun. We are going to have two other elders spending the night with us because neither of them drives. We also have to go down to Broomall on Tuesday for our departing interview. How strange it is to be at the point when I will be having my departing interview!

This coming week is my last week. It is strange to think that my time is almost up. I hope I can fill this last week with wonderful memories.

Elder Bjerregaard

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