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Monday, October 17, 2016

week 102

It looks like I spoke to soon about the weather. For the next couple of days it is going be at least mid-seventy's, just when I was starting to enjoy the weather too. It seems like Mother Nature can't decide if it should be cold or hot so she is giving us both. At least it should cool back down later this week.

Well, it finally happened. I just had my last zone conference which meant I had to give my departing testimony. One change from President Anderson is that President Randall had missionaries who were going home in the following transfer also give their testimonies. If President Anderson were still here, only the missionaries who were departing this transfer would give their testimonies. What made it even stranger is that it was the same chapel that I gave my testimony as a new missionary at a special training for Goldens (used to be called greenies) and their trainers. It seems only yesterday that I did that, and now I have given my testimony that marks the point where I am almost finished with my mission. Time really does fly as a missionary.

To top off the fact that I gave my departing testimony, I also received my travel itinerary for my flights back home. It’s starting to get really real that I don't have too much time left. Only two weeks left before I fly home and remove my missionary name badge, and it seems so strange. All good things must come to an end though.

Jing and Yao are progressing in the gospel. Jing seems more willing to believe and trust what we are teaching him. Yao is asking really good questions about different parts of the gospel. She is asking about things that we cover when people want to know more about the gospel at a deeper level then just Joseph Smith. For example, there was a talk on tithing this Sunday, and she asked what tithing was. We simply explained what it was. At some point we will discuss it more at length, but it is encouraging to hear her ask questions about important gospel topics.

Elder Bjerregaard


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