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Monday, April 25, 2016

week 77

I can't believe that I hit my eighteen month mark this week, and the sisters that came out with me are on their last few weeks of their missions. Time seems to fly by, especially the longer you are out on your mission. I remember that the first six months on my mission went by relatively slowly, but this past six month period went by quickly, and now I am going to be starting my last six month period. I personally wonder how many new areas and new companions I will have for the rest of my mission. If my average continues, I will have two more companions and two more areas, but we will see.

We went on two exchanges this past week. The first one was with Elder Dean from the Salisbury Ward. He was in my district when I was in Linwood for a transfer so it was fun to be with him around him again. Nothing really interesting happened to us, but Elder Crowther and Elder Larsen found a couple of bedbugs in the Salisbury apartment. They put them in a jar and lit them on fire and recorded it, that was entertaining to watch. (Mom here ~ Boys will be boys.)

The next day I was in Seaford with Elder Weeks, a Spanish Elder. Turns out, he was Elder Covington’s companion in the MTC. I seem to be around a lot of Spanish missionaries that came out with that group. If I remember right, it came to five different Elders. The Spanish elders in Seaford also teach people in English unlike most Spanish areas. Spanish exchanges are fun, but one downside is when they teach in Spanish, all I really can do is to sit there and look pretty, but I really enjoy it.

Elder Bjerregaard

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