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Monday, April 18, 2016

week 76

Things are finally starting to warm up here and stay warm. It has been a crazy winter and early spring, but I think Mother Nature finally told Old Man Winter that winter was over and it is time to start warming up and staying warm. Pretty soon though, probably around the end of May or beginning of June, I am going to think that it is getting a little to warm and ready for it to cool off again. One thing about missionary work, we go out no matter how hot or cold it is.

Last week for preparation day, Elder Crowther and I went bowling with a member of the branch. For most of the time, I was having a hard time getting any good frames, but on the last game I was able to get a little over a hundred and won that game.

We went on exchanges this pass week with the zone leaders. The zone leader I was with got trained by Elder Allred (a former companion). The mission seems so small sometimes. I feel like I know most of the missionaries by now. From what I heard, that is normal when you are around the middle of your mission, but by the time you go home, you don't know anyone again. I don't think that is true because I knew more than half the missionaries when I was about six or seven and a half months into my mission.

We had interviews with President Anderson this past Saturday. This was my last one with him. The next time I have an interview with my mission President, it will be another person. Because it was going to be the last time with President and Sister Anderson, they had us do what they have all missionaries do shortly do before they go home, namely signing their souvenir blanket and giving them our home mailing address and home email.

Shortly after having interviews with President Anderson, Elder Crowther had two baptismal interviews. So all in all, it probably took a hour and a half to two hours because of interviews.

Have a wonderful week. Remember that no mistake is too big that the Atonement of Jesus Christ can't fix. God be with you until next week.

Elder Bjerregaard

From left to right: Elder Holden, Elder Crowther, Elder Bjerregaard, Elder Lake

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