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Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 61

I hope that everyone's New Year has gone well for them so far. A change that is happening to me right at the start of the New Year is that I'm getting transferred. I have been in Linwood for little less than three months and it is already time for me to go. Transfers are being done differently this year, so I already know where I am going. I am leaving Linwood to go to Woodstown, NJ. I am sad to leave Linwood because I have made great friends while I have been here.

This week has been mostly spent trying to find people, and we did run across someone who was interested. His name is Rick. We were looking for another person that Elder Riley and I talked to sometime in October or November, but he wasn't home. Rick was standing outside of his car just about to leave. We stopped him and asked if he knew anyone who would like and need a message about Jesus Christ. He told us that he used to meet with missionaries and is more than willing to meet with us again.

During Fast and Testimony meeting yesterday, a non-member got up and gave his testimony about how he feels when he comes to church. At first, it was just to support his member girlfriend, but now he comes because he likes the way he feels. He currently can't be baptized because of his chosen profession, but someday I feel like he will join the Church when he is ready.

Elder Bjerregaard

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