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Monday, January 18, 2016

week 63

This has been an interesting week. Elder Lewis had to go to a district leader training on Friday, so he wasn't in the area. It was easier for me to go to the other district leader’s area because they had more lessons and they would have a harder time rescheduling their lessons. The strange part is the the other area is Atlantic City, so I pretty much went back to my old area for the day. It was weird to be there after being transferred to Woodstown because I had just come from that area.

We are not going to have the car until at least Wednesday because it needs to get some body work for a dent in the door and some chipped paint. That basically means if we want to work in another town, that is not Woodstown, then we will need to get a member to take us. The nearest town is about five miles away, and it just not effective to walk there.

Elder Lewis and I were asked to bear our testimonies on Sunday because they didn't have a third speaker. Elder Lewis give a testimony on service, and I gave mine on the Book of Mormon. The other talks were on tithing so our testimonies had very little to do with what the assigned speakers had. We felt that the ward needed to hear our testimonies.

Elder Bjerregaard

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