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Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 44

So this was an interesting week. I got doubled out of my last area just to get doubled in to another. (Mom here -- Doubled out means that a companionship leaves the area together. Doubled in means that a new companionship goes into the area.) The crazy thing is Elder Harl and I decided to stop somewhere for breakfast. It turned out we had breakfast in our new area. (He stayed with Elder Harl.) Speaking of my new area, I am in South Philadelphia, but it also includes a lot of Center City. It's also a new area, so what they did was take part of the South Philadelphia Branch and gave it to us to work in, and left the other half for the elders that were already in the branch. It is a walking area, but we use public transportation to get around.

One thing about opening a new area, we have almost no investigators. We inherited a few because they live in our area, but for the most part our area is pretty untouched. We did find someone though. We wanted to see a less-active. He was not answering his phone, so we taught his door man instead. He seems interested, but we don't know how interested he is. We are hoping we can continue to teach him, or to be able to refer him to another set of missionaries because he lives outside our area.

In case anyone was wondering, we are currently living quite a bit away from our area. We don't have an apartment in our area yet. From what we can gather, they had located one for us. Before they could rent it someone else got it, so we are currently living about a twenty to thirty minute commute to get to our area. They are trying to find a place, and I hope they can soon. From what we hear, we might not be able to get to our area easily in a couple of weeks because the Pope will be in Philadelphia and they are going to be closing the subways.

Elder Bjerregaard

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