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Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 36

It was a slower week then normal. We had a good number of lessons lined up, but most of them fell through. It is weeks like these that I need to remember to rely on the Savior the most.

We did find a new person this week, Walt. A couple of weeks ago, we were tracting in a tougher neighborhood when we passed a groupie love of people on the other side of the street. We were not having much luck, so we decided to try to talk to them. Most of them were trying to make a joke about what we were doing, but Walt recognized that we were missionaries and knew what we were doing shouldn't be taken lightly. He seems like he wants to know more, and we are going to see him this coming Tuesday.

I was studying about the natural man this morning. Something that I took from it is that the natural man will view things from God as foolishness. Also to learn then be able to teach about spiritual things, we need to have the Spirit with us. To understand spiritual things, we also need to have the Spirit with us. We might be able to learn what God wants for us without the Spirit. However, we need to have the Spirit for the spiritual things to be able to enter into our hearts in order to bring about a change in us. Only the Spirit will only bring knowledge and change unto the heart.

Elder Bjerregaard

Wilmington Zone taken June 23, 2015

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