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Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 24

I cannot believe what crazy a week I had. We did a three way exchange on Tuesday, the exchange with my zone leaders on Thursday, and did nothing but study to finish out the week. Elder Bierman got strep throat, so I spent the rest of week cleaning and studying.

In my district we are having two missionaries going home next week. For the last Thursday or Friday all the departing missionaries goes to the DC temple so we could not do the exchanges like normal. It was fun because I was with two golden missionaries (less than three months in the field) in Pottsville. I thought it was fun to be in a trio for a day because we always had something to talk about. One problem is that all but one lesson fell through for Elder Oldroyd, so we did a lot of tracting.

One thing that I have been working on is being more patient. I never knew how many scriptures mention patience. One verse I found says that hope is the combination of the comfort of the scriptures and patience. I found that interesting because I never connected hope and patience in that way before.

My exchange with Elder Riche was not smooth sailing because three appointments fell through. I thought it was very frustrating. We tried to contact couple of people that I knew of and wanted to get in touch with, but we got nothing. I got even more frustrated. I ended up just praying for help. We still didn't see anyone, but I felt better afterwards.

I cannot believe that Taylor is getting close to coming home. It seems like he only just left. Then again, it feels like I have not been in Reading that long and I have already been here six months.

Elder Bjerregaard


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