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Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 71

So we are on daylight savings time again in the mission. That means that I am now three hours ahead of the people in Arizona. It's the last time I will have to change my watch while on my mission. The next time I change my watch is when I change it back to MST when I come home from my mission.

I have bad news, and good news. Bad news, I have ear infections in both ears. (Poor guy.) Good news is that I have some antibiotics that will help take care of it. I will start feeling better after three days or so. The only symptom I have is pressure behind the ear drums, but it is really annoying.

I have read in one of the church magazines (I think it is the New Era) that sometimes we view ourselves like a wooden board. When we comment a sin it is like driving a nail into the board. Some people think that when we repent, we take the nail out, but it leaves a hole. What really happens is that we get a brand new board when we repent that perfectly matches the old one without the nails.

We had zone conference this past Thursday. One thing we talked about is the new Easter View, "Hallelujah.” It is a nice little video of about two minutes with young adults quoting from Handel’s Messiah concerning their testimony of Jesus Christ. If you have two minutes, please go to followhim.mormon.org and watch the video. Please share it on social media with your friends.

Elder Bjerregaard


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