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Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 18

I went on an exchange with Elder Leavitt this week. We had a really good lesson with Gerald about following the prophet and about the general conference we are having at the beginning of April. I cannot believe that I have been out long enough for it to be time for General Conference.

We have been teaching a person whose name is Jose. Jose lives by us. He has not really been going to any church, but he says he has been enjoying our visits. We have invited him to come to church, but he said it might be better to wait before he comes. He thinks that when we visit him, it is more "real" than when he comes into a church. He says that his dad must be a member of the church because as a kid they talked about a lot about topics that we cover in the plan of salvation.

Friday I will find out if I will be transferred. I would like to stay here in the Reading area because we are starting to get some really awesome investigators. I would really like to see them progress all the way to baptism, but I would also like to go somewhere else and meet new people. I just hope I will not be like Elder Thomas and stay here 9 months, 6 months is long enough I think. (He arrived in Reading four months ago Wednesday.)

I have been trying to be 100% obedient in my mission. It is difficult at times, but what is difficult is normally worth it.

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