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Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 3


Nothing significant happened during P-Day. After P-Day was over though, we did teach Dawn the plan of salvation. Right now, she has a baptismal date and I really believe she can make it.


We have weekly planning on Tuesdays. It took us most of the day to get though, but hopefully, we can get back to the two or three hours it should take us.


We spent most of the day trying to find people to teach. We contacted two referrals and then walked around Reading trying to find potential investigators. We were not able to talk to anyone we planned on, but we did help a family move into a townhouse. It took us an hour or so, but we did manage to get everything from the truck into the townhouse. Then we went to Brother and Sister Hazard’s home for dinner. Then we went back to Reading to try to meet the remaining people who we wanted to try to visit.


We visited Sister Meade and she was planning on racking leaves on Monday, but we offered to do it on Saturday. After dinner, I had an interview with President Anderson. He explained how I can use the area book better. After, we went back down to Reading. We talked to Bill and we decided to stop meeting with him because he said that he would most likely not be convinced that Heavenly Father cares about his children.


We helped Brother Waldbiesser with moving some antiques into an antique store for an inactive member. We also meet Nathan when we were trying to talk to someone else who lives in the same household. Nathan has a very open mind and would be open to hearing more about the Gospel. We also finally got to visit with Sister Kershaw. The missionaries in Reading 1st get assigned home teaching families and she is a person on the list.


We had the Sisters, and six other people that came to help Sister Meade. Together we made short work of the leaves and then we also racked the leaves of five of Sister Meade's neighbors. One said that we can come back and talk more about the Gospel. We also visited an inactive member. His grandfather owned a brewery here in Reading but lost it because the person that was to pay the taxes took the money instead of giving it to the government.


This week, the missionaries in Reading 1st were invited to ward council. We talked about investigators and inactive members. We help the primary with a project that will help them be member missionaries.

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Elder Bjerregaard

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