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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Week 1--The MTC

I cannot believe I have been in the MTC for a week now. A lot of things happened and I don't know where to start.

Wednesday—My First Day

Wednesday was really busy. I was brought to an area trying to get everything done during check in. You cannot believe this, but no one knew how to say my name . I have 5 elders and 3 sisters in my district including me. My companions are Elder Weisler and Elder Clark. After a short class, all the new missionaries had a meeting with the MTC presidency. They went over some of the rules and gave some advice. After dinner, we met the zone leaders and the sister training leader. We have two other districts in our zone.


The first real day at the MTC. We heard that the best time to shower is early in the morning and to try to beat everyone. The other elders and I woke up really early. Turns out, we didn't need to so. That was fun. The elders also decided to run to and from every gym time we have. After dinner, my district met with the branch presidency. The first counselor knew how to say my last name because he knows a David Bjerregaard in American Fork. I was called to be one of the sacrament coordinators so I have to make sure that everything that is needed for the sacrament is set up.


We attempted to teach Segon but we ended up just throwing words and terms to him that I don't think he truly understood. We didn't get too far but with every failure we learned what we should be learning.


We had fast Sunday here. We had a mission conference where every member of the MTC presidency and their wives talked to us. I don't remember everything. After the conference, we had a district meeting where we talked about what was covered in conference. After that, we went on a temple walk where we walked around the temple. I was able to get some pictures of everyone in my zone.


Our zone got smaller because the people in my zone who went to Spokane, WA left early in the morning. We started to teach the TRC (Teaching Resource Center) investigator today. We had the same problem we had with Segon. We tried to teach everything in the lesson instead of teaching what the investigator needed and it didn't go over very well. Through the failure, we learned how to better teach.


My district is the only one remaining because of the people who were left, another district left for Riverside, CA. Right now we are only a one district zone until the new people arrive. My whole zone/district is looking forward to the new people so we can meet them and see if we can befriend any with only a week to do it.

Today we taught Segon again. This time, we taught to his needs. We learned why his son is important him so we taught the plan of salvation. We really felt the spirit and we had him commit to read the Book of Mormon and to pray to see if it is true. We also taught Lawannia (the TRC) the plan of salvation and she received it better then the lesson on Monday.

We went over to BYU to listen to their Tuesday devotional. It was a nice experience and something that almost never happens.

It is really hard to remember everything and I can see why Elder Tyler Jones had a hard time. I have been writing everything down but I don't have my journal with me so I am trying to do everything by memory.

I leave to go to Philadelphia early on November 11, 2014. We are going to get into Philadelphia around 3:30 pm local time. Most likely I will not be able to send any other emails until my first P-Day in the field.

Elder Bjerregaard

The district plus a few

The District

Philly here we come.

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