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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

week 92

Transfers are here, and I am going to stay in Kutztown for the next six weeks. Elder Thielen on the other hand is getting transferred. We think he is going to get transferred south because my new companion is going to be dropped off tomorrow. Elder Thielen is going to ride down with Elder Fisher who is serving north of us.

I got pink eye this week, so that was really fun dealing with that. The problem was that I woke up with a really red eye Monday morning, and the redness didn't go away. I called the mission nurse the following morning, and she sent me to urgent care. I was told I had pink eye and was contagious for forty-eight hours, so we were unable to work for two days.

We had a really good lesson with Yao and her husband Jing. They don't have much of a religious background, but they are interested in knowing if there is a God. It is going to be interesting teaching them because I have never taught anyone without a Christian background. They were unable to come to church this Sunday, but we are hoping that they will be able to come this coming Sunday.

We also got to set up Facebook this week, and then we quickly lost it because there were missionaries who misused it. So, everyone has go through the training again and then wait until the zone leaders give us permission to use it again. It is going to be a process before everyone is using Facebook effectively and correctly. Until then, it seems like it will be a bumpy ride trying to use Facebook.

Elder Bjerregaard

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