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Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 6


Still nothing interesting happened on P-Day. We never seem to have time to go anywhere that would be interesting, but I did find out that there is an avionics museum in my area. I will like to get there before I get transferred. We had dinner at the Robinson's and they just got their Christmas tree. It is over eleven feet tall, but luckily they have a spot that they could stand it up.


We went on exchanges with Elder Bunker and Elder Leavitt. I was with Elder Bunker this time and I was in his area. Neither one of us are certified to drive a mission car, so we had to walk every place. For lunch, Elder Bunker took me to a Dominican place for a sandwich. It was good but I cannot remember what it is called. Elder Bunker is going home. He is on his way to the mission home as I write this, and going to fly out on Tuesday December 16th. It was nice that I had some time to be able to talk with him. I don't know why, but it will take him all day to get back to St. George, Utah.


We had another lesson with Diana and Tiffany. Diana's son was there this time, and that was perfect. We were planning to reteach them the restoration because we felt that they were having a hard time understanding what we were trying to teach them. They got really interested when we started to use pictures and Reuben committed to be baptized on January 10th. We also had dinner at Bishop Staus's. We talked about the mission plan and how we thought it could be improved.


We had a couple of lessons that fell though. I wondered if people forget that they had made an appointment with us, or they thought that we wouldn't come. When we do, they don't want to answer the door. We ended up not being able to meet with anyone that we were planning on meeting with that day. So, we decided to go to Dairy Swirl. When we were there an older woman approached to us and asked about our name tags. We told her that we are missionaries from the church. She made a comment about the big family history library we have in Salt Lake City, so we invited her to meet us at the local family history center.
Back row: Sister Pike, Sister Neilson, Elder Thomas, Sister, McCuin, Sister Semmons, Elder Newbold, Elder Leavett
Front row: Elder Bjerregaard, Elder Bunker, Elder Hardy


The zone leaders sat in on part of the weekly planning. We managed to get it done in a more timely matter, but it still is taking longer then what "Preach My Gospel" says it should take. When we were going to the only appointment we had, they cancelled and rescheduled for the next day. Luckily, we planned backups for that time in the same area so it was not a wasted trip.


We had a lesson with Scott. We ended up being a little late but we still managed to catch him before he left for the store. He is slow progressing, but he is learning for himself that what we have been teaching him is true. We tried to set up an appointment with him at the church but he gave no promises that he would be able to make it. We also had a lesson with Tiffany and Reuben. We shared with them the plan of salvation and talked about the temple. They are really excited about temples and want to go to one someday. We also whet caroling with Sister Pike and Sister Neilson. We were planning on having a big group, but only the missionaries made it.


We had to get up early to make it to priesthood executive council. We don't talk much, but it is good that the bishop invites us because that means that he trusts us. We had lunch at the Smith's and then whet caroling. I don't know how they selected the people to go see and I don't really care. The important thing is we went. We did have to leave the group way through because we had a dinner appointment. After dinner, we finally managed to have a lesson with the Dillon’s. They want to be able to go to the temple before Elder Thomas goes home.


How has your mission been? So far it has been going great.

How did you like the MTC? I loved the MTC, but it seems like forever ago since I was there.

Is it snowy and cold in Pennsylvania? Cold, yes. Snowy, not so much. Right now, we don't have any snow.

How is Philadelphia different than Wickenburg? I don't know. I have not been to Philadelphia, but Reading has a lot of row homes when you get closer to the center.

Have you had any cool spiritual experiences teaching people yet? I will say that the one when we showed Tiffany and Reuben the temple video counts.

Do you like your companion? We get along, but we do have our differences like anyone else.
Elder Bjerrgaard

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